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Who we are

Our Mission

NAOMI FOUNDATION exists to empower  economically and socially disadvantaged widow women by developing their leadership, skills, social collaboration and family health.

Our Vision

The vision of NAOMI FOUNDATION is a strong transformation of widows’ family from a miserable life to a better life by allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities as single parents.

 Our Values

  • Family-Centered in our help, actions, and activities. Honoring God’s given rights of family protection and living through service, compassion, gratitude and faithfulness.

  • Respectful of all cultural differences and valuing individuals while promoting open collaboration,  social communication, family wellness and growth, concerted innovation, and community organizations.

  • Cooperation in actions valuing partnerships and relationships that are creative and diverse with the approach to solving women’s complex social and economic problems.

  • Faithful and trustworthy servants of the Lord in actions as Naomi’s way in the Bible.


We are convinced:

  • That  woman was created strong and intelligent. That the historic ignorance of women in general, especially widows will lead to destroyed and lost families and children. Women suffered enough and it is now time to make changes. Women who lose their spouse, should not be abandoned in the society.

  • That to empower the widow women and equip them with education, skills and tools can contribute to a better transformation of their families and communities.

  • That widow-focused help can contribute to greater good of empowering women, thus make the world a better place for children to live in. With a heart for social and economic leadership, women can be pulled out of poverty, dependency and social slavery.

  • That the time is now to unite the world through churches, philanthropist, governments, and humanitarian organizations for widows’ promotion.

Our objectives

  • Create gatherings of  widows in order to discuss and solve their problems

  • Promote a spirit of unity and solidarity among widows

  • Reassemble efforts to help educated orphan children

  • Help families to be aware of preventing HIV/AID

  • Promote agricultural and livestock.

  • Promote economical interaction between widows

  • Promote projects that help employment for families.

  • Promote projects that help generate income

  • Provide useful and practical tools that can alleviate women’s suffering

  • Promoting spiritual activities

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