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Get involved

Would you like to help the Naomi Foundation in anyway you can?

Please lets us know your interest and your possibilities. Naomi Foundation team is happy to welcome your help. There are many ways you can contribute to the well-being of widows.


Or contact us via contact page. Your help is much appreciated

Need something else? Use our Contact Us page.

For more detail on how to help in each area of Naomi interventions, please follow these links:

We are convinced:

  • That  woman was created strong and intelligent. That the historic ignorance of women in general, specially windows lead to destroyed and lost families and children. Women suffered enough and is now time to make changes. Women who lose their spouse, should not be abandoned in the society.

  • That to empower the widow women and equip them with education, skills and tools can contribute to a better transformation of their families and communities.

  • That widow-focused help can contribute to greater good of empowering women, thus make the World better place for children to live in. With heart for social and economic leadership, women can be pulled out of poverty, dependency and social slavery.

  • That the time is now to unite the world through churches, philanthropist, governments, and humanitarian organizations for widows’ promotion.

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