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"Please joint my efforts in helping widows in the fight against Poverty" Jeannette Mukarukundo
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Greatest hobbies.


I will put all my energy in helping as many widows as I can. I feel happy and blessed when I make a difference in improving life of widows families.

I cannot do it alone. I need your help


Let us join efforts and help those who are unfortunate.

God bless you all


Jeannette Mukarukundo

"Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you ever can"


Welcome to Naomi Foundation

I am humbled to thank God for allowing me to present to the public the charity and humanitarian association I founded in 2009. Following the war in my country Rwanda my family had to run a way and free into the neighboring country, Congo.

 We spent there almost 5 years. My husband was killed. When I come back in my country I was empty handed with 3 children, no foods, no clothes, no money. Most of my relatives, my parents, my neighbors were dead. I was sad and ashamed to be poor in the county you had a good life before.

As Christian I tried to check in the Bible for somebody who lived the same life like the one I was handling that time. I found Naomi in the book of Ruth in the Bible. I found that Naomi and I met almost the same situations: for Naomi it was hunger but for me is war. I had chance to survive with my 3 children. Naomi also lost everything: no husband, no children, no house and nothing else. Only 2 wives of her sons. Naomi was helped by her daughter in law called Ruth who did not want to leave her and go back to her family. 


My heart was touched by Naomi’s story and I continued to pray.  I started having a vision. I gathered all widows of my village. We used to meet one day a week on every Wednesday. We decided to help each other, like when one of us was sick we went to help her in the garden, and to fix her house when there was destroyed side of it.  Sometimes we used to take sick members to health center.

When widows came in the meeting, they looked tired. I used to ask them to tell us what they were thinking about and their feelings. At the end of the meeting, although they come tired I found that going back at their home they were smiling and in good mood.

I discovered that every widowed woman should have a good hand as it happened to Naomi.  That is why I founded Naomi Foundation Inc. an association of widows and orphans.  I will do all I can to help them. I am grateful we are together in this great work to save lives.  I need your help.


We are convinced:

  • That  woman was created strong and intelligent. That the historic ignorance of women in general, specially windows lead to destroyed and lost families and children. Women suffered enough and is now time to make changes. Women who lose their spouse, should not be abandoned in the society.

  • That to empower the widow women and equip them with education, skills and tools can contribute to a better transformation of their families and communities.

  • That widow-focused help can contribute to greater good of empowering women, thus make the world better place for children to live in. With heart for social and economic leadership, women can be pulled out of poverty, dependency and social slavery.

  • That the time is now to unite the world through churches, philanthropist, governments, and humanitarian organizations for widows’ promotion

Jeannette Mukarukundo

Jeannette was born in Kagogo city, northern province of Rwanda, from Christian parents who had great love and respect to the God Almighty and powerful love of Jesus. As widowed woman, Jeannette was inspired by the book of Ruth from the Bible and became founder of “ Naomi Foundation “. She holds a bachelors degree in law from ULK Kigali university. Jeannette is a humble Christian, dedicated to helping poor people.

During the war in Rwanda, Jeannette lost her beloved husband who left her with 3 little children. It was difficult for Jeannette to provide for the family. The family became poor with no food, clean water, health services. She humbly gave her life to almighty God and believed in miracles. In 2009 she decided to put together widowed women from her village to create an association that had the objectives of promoting families through hard work, team work, prayers and finding sponsors.

Jeannette was given a chance to immigrate to USA where she did not waste time to promote the Foundation. Beside working, family management, church volunteering, Jeanne dedicated her time to raise awareness of life hardship of all widowed women and their families.

Widows integration

The main objective of Naomi foundation is to integrate widows in the overall life style of the society they live in. Life of most widows after loosing their husbands to death, is full of difficulties. They immediately lack of emotional and physical support. In some areas relatives and neighbors help them as much as they can.  Most of them are abandoned and feel frustrated and desperate. Naomi Foundation, with help from its donors, provides them with help as much as it can. The needs are enormous. To achieve its goals, Naomi foundation needs as much help as it may be possible. Here is the structures of important projects and activities geared toward widow integration :

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