Naomi Foundation open Partnership



NAOMI FOUNDATION  is very thankful for all volunteers who bring much contribution to various needs. We are so thankful and grateful for the many of you who support the creation of the Foundation in Rwanda, in USA and ready to expand it in other African countries. We cannot do it without our amazing volunteers and supporters!  Now, the need for volunteers is great  of expanding its activities and projects. We need volunteers as Naomi moves to a dynamic agenda for administration support, fundraising programs, project coordination, speeches and events.  If you are interested in serving with Naomi Foundation,  please fill out the form below.

Naomi Foundation is open for partnership to achieve its goals:

  • Become a financial partner:

    • Sponsor a NAOMI Project

    • Sponsor a family member

    • Sponsor the entire family

    • Sponsor a high school of college student

    • Sponsor a group of widows for a small project

    • Support Naomi Foundation programs

  • Become NAOMI FOUNDATION advocate:

    • Fundraising on behalf of Naomi Foundation

    • Sponsor events for Naomi Foundation

    • Invite Naomi Foundation to talk about its programs

    • Make trips to help on project or visit and talk to widow groups

    • Volunteer in many ways.