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Board of Trustees


Jeannette Mukarukundo

Connie Jenkins of Asland, Ohio

Connie Jenkins of Asland, Ohio


Jeannette Mukarukundo

Founder & President,

Jeannette was born in Kagogo city, northern province of Rwanda, from Christian parents who had great love and respect to the God Almighty and powerful love of Jesus. As widowed woman, Jeannette was inspired by the book of Ruth from the Bible and became founder of “ Naomi Foundation “. She holds a bachelors degree in law from ULK Kigali university. Jeannette is a humble Christian, dedicated to helping poor people.

Connie Jenkins ​​​

Connie is an habitat of Ashland, Ohio . Connie worked several years at the local hospital helping people.

Her great love to Jesus allowed her to create and manage the no-for-profit organization called the Hope of the Weary with objectives of helping poor families in the developing countries. Connie has worked with widows and orphans in Rwanda since 2007.

Connie traveled to many countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Brazil.

Connie decided to retire and take care of her family. She stays Naomi Foundation's honoraly board member. 

Reverand Pastor John W. Gakwaya, DMin ​​

​Pastor John is an experienced Pastor of the Free Methodist Church. He is the Senior Pastor of the Dayton Compassion Free Methodist Church.

He is very experienced in organizing help for churches, communities, schools and promoting Christian values. Pastor John brings high skills of organization and leadership.  

Rev. Pastor John Gakwaya


Bernadette Musekura

Bernadette Musekura

Bernadette Musekura was born and raised in Rwanda, Bernadette attended Elementary and high school in Rwanda. in 1994, Bernadette attnded Daystar University in Nairobi Kenya. from 1997, Bernadette was able to complete her Bachelor at The Criswell College in Dallas and master’s degree in education and Leadership.

Bernadette have passion and compassion for Refugees.She brings to Naomi many skills and experience in non-profit organizations, professional counseling and rescue committees.

Bernadette is very active in advocating for refugees and Immigrants and helping them in Cultural orientations and adjustment in the USA

Don Bahizi ​​

​Don Bahizi is an Agronomist, Project Manager, Network and Telecommunication engineer. He has extensive experience in humanitarian services, creation and support of non profit organizations. He brings skills to Naomi Foundation of Business and project Management.

Don Bahizi

Other board members will be added soon

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